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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Researching Key Words

Before you even consider making a web page, you should research the key words behind it. Knowing how many people are searching for your particular key words is crucial to making money online. They want to find key words with high amounts of searches and low amounts competition. This article will go over how you can research key words. You'll even learn how to use a free tool to properly research the traffic volume of your chosen key words.

Find out which keywords folks are looking for before you do anything else. You can do this by using a free tool within Google Adwords. First you should get a free account from them by simply signing up. Following this, you can go into the opportunities section and find the key word research tool. You can type the term your interested in learning about into this tool and it will give you the average monthly search volume. You'll even get the synonyms to your search term and their search volumes as well. If this already seems like too much work, you can always visit our site . Those that are still with me can learn more in the following paragraphs.

Within the key word tool you will have the option of searching for the exact match, phrase match, and broad match. These different options will be explained with the key word “used cars”.

An example of broad match for “used cars” could be “used up old cars”. This type of search is not very well targeted. You won't find customers looking to purchase quality pre owned cars from you with this broad match key word.

A phrase match using this same keyword could be “red used cars”. Keywords stay next to each other and in the same order as you intend them to be. However, the other keywords placed in front and behind could still make this searcher irrelevant to your site.

Exact match results will give you the most accurate results. Our Minnesota Seo organization tends to exclusively use the exact match keyword research method. This is because the exact match will tell you exactly how many people are searching for “used cars” and only “used cars”. If the numbers look good, you can make a site based off of this key word. If you find the numbers are not as high as you like, you can always try to use one of its synonyms.