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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Internet Video Marketing?

Why Internet Video Marketing?

Video is changing the way we receive information.

YouTube is now the second largest search website in the world behind Google and the third most visited site in the world. The average online veiwer watches 12.2 hours of online video each month. Viewing video online has increased so drastically that firms are now forcefully rocketing their use of video to reach their audiences more efficiently, cost effectively and to gain a supportable benefit over their competitors.

Video is everywhere and content is king.

At Black Box Social Media we can help you create powerful videos. We can assign you a film crew or teach you how to shoot your own raw footage. We have world class video production engineers that will create your videos to produce results. You can then share your video with the world by posting it on Facebook, YouTube, your blog, and your website.

Video Syndication is the key

Do you want to turbo charge your online videos? Video syndication is the key. Without video you only have your website, but with video syndication we turn your videos into hundreds of mini webisites. Promoting your videos in front of many more customers.

Our video production and video syndication services are designed to get you results.

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